Our Philosophy

15 years of experience in the industry has enabled us to develop the Estheclinic charter, a code to which each of our centers adheres and upholds with the utmost respect.

1. Information

EstheClinic is committed to being completely forthright and open with our clients. Patients will be clearly informed about the nature of the acts that will be performed as well as the expected results and possible risks. A specific and detailed estimate is prepared before beginning any treatment.

2. Personalized Approach

EstheClinic stays involved throughout the entire patient journey. Patients are tended to and advised from the initial contact to the final recommendation. EstheClinic designs a personalized treatment protocol after the first appointment. We ensure that patients follow this protocol properly and respect the frequency of sessions established at the first appointment.

3. Patient Comfort and Respect

EstheClinic is dedicated to making sure all appointments begin on time, so you can get your treatment in a state of comfort and ease. Respect for patients and etiquette are primary values for EstheClinic.

4. Hygiene of establishments

EstheClinic goes to great lengths to ensure that each clinic maintains a maximal level of cleanliness. The treatments are held in regularly cleaned spaces. Our staff is obliged to wear a uniform adapted to the type of care being provided; attire consistent with the ethics of EstheClinic. The products and devices are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

5. Patient security

EstheClinic guarantees the use of top-notch equipment at the cutting edge of innovation; all perfectly and regularly maintained and tested, to ensure the patient safety. Each device used possesses all necessary European and international certifications.

6. Medical supervision

EstheClinic is in constant contact with the physicians with whom we maintain partnerships. Our team is therefore always up to speed with the latest medical advances. We continually update our basic hygiene practices.

7. Medical Protocol

EstheClinic only uses the protocols provided by and validated by partner physicians. In this way you are guaranteed that each treatment is in conformance with the latest medical and technological advances.

8. Comprehensive care

EstheClinic advises patients on the utility of rounding off their regimen with additional treatments, such as taking care of their food hygiene, the role of maintenance sessions, the benefits of home care including the daily application of cosmeceuticals. These complementary treatments are intended to maximize and maintain the results obtained with the techniques used in our centers.

9. Staff competence

EstheClinic provides ongoing training for our staff so that they are always qualified and at the forefront of innovation. Our partner doctors regularly work with and counsel our teams to present the newest treatments and latest advances.

10. Ethics and Deontology

EstheClinic will not take on any patient where there are indications that an intended treatment could be unsuitable. Patient safety is our primary concern. It is for this reason that upon the first appointment all the patient’s medical history is taken into account to determine whether the proposed treatment is appropriate and without risk.

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