With 15 years of experience, EstheClinic has made a lot of happy customers!

Leanda Rathmell, Expat Living regional client services and production manager

“Short, sweet and painless”

My first IPL session had me speechless (not literally, as the friendly therapist had me chatting away like we were childhood friends). A comfy bed, a lathering of cool gel and a few up-and-down sweeps of their famed Permanent Pulse machine and I was out of there. [……] Three sessions in and my skin is reaping the rewards. What is left of the hair on my legs is barely noticeable and growing at a snail’s pace, so much so that I no longer have to shave in-between sessions. The hair in other areas is growing back slower and gets finer with every session. Best of all, the service is tip-top and the sessions, oh-so-quick. Perfect for working girls like me, as treatment can be done over lunch and in a jiffy!”


Amy Brook-Partridge, Expat Living home and property editor

“Bye-bye, ingrown hair!”

Since the second session, I’ve noticed even more hair loss, to the point where I’ve only had to shave once in the last two weeks. Hair along my bikini line is still noticeable, but there are clear patches of bare skin, and larger clear patches of skin on my legs. With four more sessions to go, I’m excited that I finally may be able to get back into a swimsuit without breaking out into a paranoid sweat!”


Natalie Whittell, Expat Living regional brands partnership and events manager

“Finer hair all around”

After my first treatment, I noticed that the hair on my underarms was thinning and I didn’t have to shave them every day. After my second treatment six weeks later, I have gone down to shaving my armpits once every three days! With just four more sessions to go, I am excited to see the finished results. I also love not having to dread monthly waxes or underarm razor burns. I am an IPL convert, for sure!”



Very professional service, super clean and modern infrastructure, and great results! Beauty treatments can be intimidating, so don’t hesitate to swing by EstheClinic and have a chat with the staff there – they will be helpful in discussing options and comfort you about the procedures.



So far I’ve tried the slimming treatment, the anti-aging and the IPL treatment was very satisfied with all. The IPL is very fast and painless; compared to other hair removal treatments. I would definitely recommend! The staff are very nice and the place is brand new. 5 star experience



I just had the most amazing anti-aging facial at EstheClinic. It was amazing!!! I fell asleep and must admit, l’m looking very radiant! Will definitely be going back!! And I got several compliments on my face today!



My body shaping treatment is done and I’ really satisfied with the results. The team is really professional and friendly. I highly recommend this clinic!

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