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  • At-home IPL Devices versus IPL Permanent Hair Removal operated by professionals

At-home IPL Devices versus IPL Permanent Hair Removal operated by professionals

Did you know the average woman spends 72 days shaving her legs throughout a lifetime? That’s approximately 1,728 hours! The goal of being completely hair-free has never been more prevalent till now, with many different hair removal hair methods and treatments in the market. One of the most popular methods is IPL hair removal. You may have seen online advertisements for at-home IPL hair removal devices, but how does it compare to professional IPL Permanent hair removal? Read on and find out! 


What is IPL Permanent Hair Removal, and how does it work? 

IPL permanent hair removal is an incredibly effective way of removing hair permanently. It is a painless treatment where a beam of light bypasses and targets the hair follicle, damaging the reproductive cycle of the hair without injuring the surrounding tissue. As the follicle gets destroyed, the hair shaft becomes weak and limp, and eventually, the hair follicle dies, and no hair grows. 


IPL Permanent hair removal uses low energy and intense pulsed laser at a higher frequency than lasers. IPL is safer and has minor complications for hair removal. At-home IPL devices and professional IPL Permanent hair removal treatments utilize the same principle. They are effective at helping you achieve your hair-free goal, as it is suitable for all areas of your body such as arms, legs, bikini area, and back to your common face areas like the chin and upper lips. 



Right off the bat, professional IPL hair removal treatments utilize powerful machines with the latest technology that professionals safely operate to ensure that the procedure is painless, safe, and pleasant. 


EstheClinic’s patented French technology, No Pain System (NPS), gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that can effectively damage the hair follicle and prevent regrowth. The NPS has a progressive heating system that distributes energy over the entire treated area by constantly sweeping the handpiece across the skin. With our integrated cooling system, you will feel no discomfort or be at risk of injury or burns!


All our therapists are also trained in medical protocols and the use of devices by our partner physicians. All technologies used are kept up to date to ensure that you receive only the best. 


However, at-home devices are scaled-down handheld devices that work the same way as professional IPL hair removal devices. Using the devices on hard-to-reach areas like your back or bikini line can be difficult. You may also be buying devices that are not regulated by the FDA and could be unsuitable for you and your skin condition, which may lead to accidental injuries such as burns and inflammation if misused. 



Number of Sessions 

EstheClinic’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatments are designed to fit into our customer’s busy lifestyles. As the intensity of our IPL equipment is much stronger than at-home devices, you can expect visible results even after the first session. As we can cover a greater area of the body, it takes fewer sessions to help you to be completely hairless! 


Whereas IPL devices are handheld and more undersized for home usage, it can take more sessions to cover an area completely and for you to see any results. 


Why EstheClinic’s IPL Hair Removal Treatment is the Best Choice 

The best way to get hair free for good is with a professional clinic such as EstheClinic. Not only are you taken care of by professionals, who have received the training, but are constantly keeping up to date with new technologies and methods that can help you achieve your goal whilst still ensuring that you aren’t putting yourself and your skin at any risk of discomfort or downtimes. 


While at-home IPL home devices may sound worthwhile as it is cheaper than professional IPL Permanent hair removal treatments, the treatment area is smaller. Because the intensity is lower, it will take many more sessions to see any results. 


About EstheClinic 

EstheClinic is a multi-award-winning aesthetic clinic using exclusive French patented cutting-edge technologies to ensure that all treatments are safe, painless, and non-invasive with visible lasting results. Our technologies and protocols are designed by physicians, and we only use the highest-grade devices manufactured by our French parent company, BVA Technology.


All IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatments utilise MacPeel’s No Pain System (NPS), which combines high average power, low fluency, and a high repetition rate to gradually heat the dermis to the temperature needed to damage the hair follicle, preventing regrowth effectively while not injuring the surrounding tissue. For maximum comfort, this technology also comes with an integrated contact cooling system to ensure that you are comfortable every step of the treatment and is perfectly safe and suitable for all skin types! 


Swing by EstheClinic today for a free consultation on the best hair removal treatment for you! 


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