IPL Permanent Hair Removal

At EstheClinic, we use the latest IPL permanent hair removal technology to remove hair comfortably, effectively and effortlessly. And yes, it is effective on all skin types!

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IPL Hair Removal for men in Singapore

Avoid the irritation that comes with repeated shaving or waxing with IPL Permanent hair removal for men.

Unwanted body hair is a problem that plagues everyone, so it is no surprise that men are also turning to our IPL hair removal treatments. Permanent hair removal is ideal for men as it works equally well across the entire body and has long-lasting results. From a few unwanted tufts, to an entire back, chest or stomach, permanent hair removal for men is efficient and effective.

IPL Permanent hair removal for men

No more stubble or uncomfortable regrowth
Waxing and shaving, although quick and convenient, doesn’t last long and you soon begin to experience stubble and regrowth. When you’re removing hair from a large area of skin, such as your chest or back, this can be really uncomfortable.

With permanent hair removal, regrowth is minimal (hair can be reduced by up to 90%, permanently) and where you do experience regrowth, it won’t be stubbly or itchy.

Experience a smooth skin without fuss with Permanent Hair Removal at EstheClinic!

How does it work? The treatment is effectively pain free as our medical grade system contains a built in cooling device to help comfort levels. The treatment works by targeting the melanin (dark pigment) in your hair follicle. The IPL beam goes to the root of the hair, heats it up, thus disabling the blood supply from returning to the root. 

Next generation IPL hair removal devices such as MacPeel, which harness the innovative technology of Pulse Permanent, allow for very effective and safe treatments. This is a painless and efficient way to permanently eliminate unwanted hair.

At EstheClinic, we can treat the following areas for men: on the face, we can treat the cheeks, chin, jawline, half face, full face, and for the body, we do full back, chest, abdomen, shoulders,  arms and full legs.

For more details on men facial permanent hair removal, please click here.


Is it effective to lighten darker areas?

Deodorants, constant shaving or waxing, or even friction with tight clothes can cause some areas of the body like underarms or bikini to become darker. EstheClinic Glow-to-Go IPL Body Whitening treatment will help to instantly brighten your skin and lighten dark spots.


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