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  • 5 New Year’s resolutions for successful women

5 New Year’s resolutions for successful women

Well done! You read the title of this blog and, instead of rolling your eyes or running in the opposite direction, you clicked. That click says “Come on 2019, I’m ready for you – hear me roar!” and we love that! It’s easy to become complacent and shy away from New Year’s resolutions, because changing old habits and treking the rocky road to success takes work. But not you, you’re ready to take on the New Year and get busy evolving into the best version of you in 2019.


We’ve come up with 5 simple lifehacks that are essential for every wonder woman brave enough to chase her dreams…

Get psyched for 2019 with these New Year’s resolutions

1. Discover your side-project

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, an entrepreneur or taking a career break to focus on your family, you should have a side-project. Describe it as your hobby, your “baby”, your passion or just what you do in your free time; it doesn’t matter as long as do it. Here are three reasons why:

  • Did you know that on average millionaires have 7 different income streams? If you’re wondering how to increase your net worth in 2019, working on a pet project that can eventually be monetised is a good way to diversify your income portfolio.
  • Sometimes the best way to improve at one thing is to try something else. Side projects allow you to flex your brain muscles and expand your skill set, which will work to your advantage in unforeseen ways.
  • Getting a new hobby for your New Year’s resolution is a great way to take care of your mental health. We all need an escape from the hectic rush of Singapore’s urban life and to take the time to give expression to our more authentic selves. A pet project can provide just that.

2. Get all the Zzzz’s you need

Do you want to have a healthier complexion? Our Soothe & Glow LED photomodulation facial treatment is great for that (of course!), but so is a good night’s sleep. Hitting the sack early has all kinds of benefits, from improving your memory to decreasing the chance of a stroke to staving off weight gain. Yes, you read right. Getting your full 8 hours sleep can actually help you to lose weight.

It makes sense if you think about it. When you’re tired you are more likely to snack to boost your energy. But what you may not know is that being sleep deprived completely knocks your hormones out of balance. If you’re all about the details we can tell you that the exact hormones affected by lack of sleep and resulting in weight gain are insulin, HGH, leptin, cortisol and ghrelin.

3. Create boundaries…with your phone!

Can you handle this New Year’s resolution? Our phones are not only addictive, but we use them to feed negative emotions. If you’re thinking “Oh no, that’s not me”, just recall the last time you absentmindedly scrolled through soppy quotes on Instagram, had a nose on your ex’s profile or compared yourself online to people you don’t even know. The only way to break this nasty habit is by breaking up with your phone. But don’t worry, we don’t believe in an all or nothing philosophy.


The French have a saying, “un peu de tout” which translates to “a little bit of everything”.

We advise taking regular breaks from your phone often. It should be off-limits for one hour before bedtime, when eating dinner, when chatting to friends, while in meetings and, well, in the cinema too! It shouldn’t be the first thing you see in the morning – let your own feelings and energies determine how you greet the day and not the internet – and when you’re bored or waiting in line, try reading a book or people watching instead of reaching for that old block of plastic.


P.S Have you noticed the new “Screen Time” function on your iPhone? It not only monitors how much time you spend on your phone, but you can actually set yourself time limits on certain apps! Check out AntiSocial for an android alternative.

4. Get to know Singapore’s beautifully diverse community

For your New Year’s resolution, we’re asking you to decide to talk to one new person in Singapore every week. This may be a challenging one for the introverts amongst us, but it’s time to get out of your comfort zone! Not only is it good for your mental health, but just check out this short video that blew our minds…

5. Support other women

Did you know that Singapore is ranked as the 5th best market globally for providing supporting conditions for female entrepreneurs? This is good news but unfortunately not the whole story. Mastercard released a report last year showing that women find it very hard to advance due to the persistent roadblock of cultural bias in both social and corporate settings.

EstheClinic is headed by our very own female entrepreneur, Manon Allano, many of our staff are female and so are many of our clients. We hate the idea that all the beautiful women we meet are being held back from reaching their full potential due to unfair circumstances. That’s why our favourite New Year’s resolution is for women to always take the opportunity to support one another!

Leaning into those “new year, new me” positive vibes? Why not check out our aesthetic treatments so you can enter 2019 feeling fabulous.

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