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  • A simple and effective skincare routine

A simple and effective skincare routine

It’s 8pm and it’s been a long day. Morning meetings, yoga during lunch, noon meetings, peak hour traffic home and now you’re finally home. The first thing any sane person would do, is kick off their shoes and just crash into bed. There is one problem with this though – your face would look like a car wreck the morning after because you forgot about your healthy skin care routine!

The importance of a daily skin care routine

First, it is only THE largest organ and yet we somehow seem to have a flippant attitude towards giving our skin as much care and attention as it deserves.


Second, our skin works 24/7 to protect our bodies from harsh weather, UV rays, and a host of other unpleasant sensations, so setting aside a few minutes each day to tend to our skin seems a small price to pay.


Third, beautiful skin is a lifelong process. A healthy and beautiful skin takes work and daily maintenance. It also helps to identify and prevent potential skin problems.

Types of skin care routine

The 10-step Korean skincare routine anyone? It’s all the rage now, and there is something to be said about Korean women and their flawless, perfect skin. Or you’re likely to know people, who washes their face with a simple facial cleanser and their skin looks like a baby’s bottom.


Different skin types requires different skin care routine. Once identified, that’s when you learn what’s good and bad for your skin. 

The basics: Getting started


Water and a washcloth is going to cut it. Unless you’re living in a vacuum, you’re not safe from bacteria. Using a gentle, water-soluble cleanser twice a day removes debris, oil, and makeup. Keeping skin hydrated, keeps pores clear and reduces the chances of breakouts or a dull complexion


The supplest skin is free from dead skin so gently scrub them off. It’s tedious to do this every night so focus on the problem areas – visible pores and blackheads


Ditch your full-of-alcohol toner and tighten those pores with skin-replenishing ingredients hydrate, refresh, and revitalize the skin’s surface immediately after cleansing. This is your preparation for maximum absorption of what’s coming next.

Taking it a few steps further: long term investment


It’s no secret, as you age your skin ages with you as well. It’s no longer glowing, baby-soft and wrinkle free. Then the inevitable questions looms – Invasive or non – invasive procedure? To prevent and minimize the signs of aging, including an anti-aging serum, light activator with antioxidants will improve your skin in numerous ways.


EstheClinic’s, Le Serum CosmeLED is a concentration of active anti-ageing ingredients that increases cell regeneration and skin renewal while enhancing skin elasticity and radiance. This multi action formula evens and brightens skin tone, hydrates to leave skin feeling lifted, smooth and flawless.


How to use? Morning and evening, apply a drop of Le Serum to the face and neck by tapping fingertips on the face.


Recommended with: Any face treatment and cosmetics

Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Now say this out loud – Replenish, rehydrate and regenerate. Your new mantra for 2017. Something so simple yet easily skipped. Moisturizers improve skin’s appearance, helping to keep it feeling smooth, plumped and soft. The La Creme CosmeLED: lifting and firming anti-aging cream is a powerful anti-aging cream that treats all signs of skin ageing. As a multi-active day moisturizer, it boost skin firmness and elasticity. Formulate to firm, lift and restructure the skin, its complex of active ingredients, including the antioxidant chlorophyll, intensely hydrates leaving skin rejuvenated and smoother.


How to use? Morning and evening, apply a drop of La Creme to the face and neck by progressively moving the flat of the hands from the middle of the face to the sides.


Recommended with: Any face treatment and cosmetics

Go the extra, extra mile – Pamper your face

Three words: Microneedling cellular stimulation. What??

This new spa-like device that is no bigger than your shaver. It helps to stimulate natural collagen production. Now who doesn’t want that?

The Le DermaBooster is an effective microneedling device, that stimulates the skin deep down to induce the production of collagen and elastin, thanks to its 540 Titanium micro-needles. When moved across the skin’s surface, it creates fine channels that can increase up to 80% absorption of active ingredients from CosmeLED products into the skin which creates stimulated repair and faster resurfacing results.

The treatment can be in the comfort of your bathroom, is painless and comfortable. Treating:

  • Aged sagging skin
  • Fine line & wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Scars (acne, surgical & burns)

How to use? Use on healthy skin, free from lesion (acne, herpes, eczema, skin break-out, mole, etc). Roll the rotating head on the area to be treated, applying light pressure (never use excessive pressure). Repeat 2 to 3 times per week and avoid contact with eyes and lips.


Recommended with: Any face treatment and cosmetics

Sounds extreme? You reap what you sow. Start early with a good skin care routine to reap the benefits of a flawless skin later. Find out more about the ELADERM Products and the CosmeLED range

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