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  • Destress and declutter with our spring cleaning guide!

Destress and declutter with our spring cleaning guide!

With Spring Festival in the air, it is the perfect time to start spring cleaning. Some of you – the Monica Gellers of the world – are now jumping for joy at the thought of whipping your home into shape. Your dreams, filled with organisers, cleaning gadgets, coffee coasters and that all-important ribbon drawer, are about to come true! The rest of you are shielding your eyes in horror (how are you reading this?) as you picture yourself on your knees scrubbing the toilet or looking like one of those chimney-sweepers in Mary Poppins.


However, spring cleaning is not all about dustpans and feather dusters. A certain amount of practical cleaning should be included in any spring cleaning checklist, but that’s only part of the process. The most important aspects of spring cleaning are the destress and decluttering of your own mind. Have you ever noticed how a freshly cleaned room is not only nice to look at, but it gives you a sense of inner peace? That’s what we’re after! Take a nice deep breath and slowly exhale, because we’re going to share with you 3 great spring cleaning tips right now.

3 essential spring cleaning hacks for 2019

1. Marie Kondo’s KonMari method

There has been a lot of buzz around Netflix’s Tidying up with Marie Kondo which follows cleaning guru Marie as she visits people’s homes to not only help them organise their spaces but embrace a new lifestyle with the KonMari method. If you’re in need of some spring cleaning inspo, then you need to add this series to your watch list! A key feature of the KonMari method is to consider each object individually, whether it is a photograph, a book, a pair of jeans, a letter, a necklace or a mug and ask yourself “Does this spark joy?” Marie says that you should hold each item so your body can react to it and if the reaction is lukewarm then it’s time to say goodbye.

As for all the things that “spark joy”, Marie says you should treat them as though they are living things. This sounds a bit Disney princess at first, but it’s actually a clever psychological trick to stop you dumping your coat on the floor as you come in the door or leaving your makeup strewn across your desk. If your coat and your makeup brushes were alive, they would have their own specific place where they would live and you would treat them with a bit more respect!

2. Build a capsule wardrobe

Is your wardrobe jam-packed with so many tops, blouses, jeans, skirts, dresses and jackets that you can hardly find what you need half the time? If yes, then it’s time to get busy spring cleaning your wardrobe. We all love the thrill of buying a new outfit, but in day to day life we tend to rotate between the same select few clothes. That’s why the capsule wardrobe makes complete sense. It’s also the epitome of French girl style, so of course we love it! As Coco Chanel says…

The philosophy behind the capsule wardrobe is that you curtail your wardrobe to a select few classic pieces. This limited collection of clothes will contain everything you need so that you will never have to grumble “I have nothing to wear!” again. The ideal number of items in a capsule wardrobe is 37, but don’t worry, we don’t mind you bending the rules a little! The point is that you have the basics covered for every eventuality – rain, sun or shine; formal, informal or smart casual – but without excess. This is about quality, not quantity.


Top tip: head over to Pinterest and search “capsule wardrobe” for some inspiration to get you started!

3. Spring cleaning your brain

Incorporating aspects of the KonMari method and building a capsule wardrobe will help spring clean your brain as well as your home, but there is no harm in taking a more direct approach. The modern world is a busy place that often feels like something we need to “keep up with”. We need to keep up with our friends, keep up with our work, keep up with our social media, keep up with our family, keep up with our hobbies… Trying to keep up with so much makes falling behind inevitable! By decluttering your life, you can stop wasting time and start enjoying the things that truly “spark joy”, as Marie would say.

How does this work in practice? Toxic friends need to go. If someone is draining your energy by being constantly negative and seems to only bring pain and drama to your life, then they have to go! This goes for social media too. Many of us don’t want to get rid of our social media completely but cutting back time spent online can bring much needed calm to your mind. Next time you catch yourself opening up Facebook or Twitter ask yourself, “Is there anything more important or enjoyable that I could be doing right now?” Another great spring cleaning tip for the brain is to define a healthy work/life balance. Decide what time you should stop checking those pesky afterwork emails and stick to it!

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