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  • EstheCryo vs Zeltiq Coolsculpting: the cold, hard facts​

EstheCryo vs Zeltiq Coolsculpting: the cold, hard facts​

The two main fat freezing procedures available in Singapore are Coolsculpting, offered by Zeltiq and EstheCryo, offered by EstheClinic.

So, how do you decide which fat-freezing treatment to go for?

Here to the rescue is Miss V’s review on the two technologies! She is a fat freezing enthusiast and had experienced both Zeltiq Coolsculpting and EstheCryo. Here is her honest comparison of both experiences:

Comparing the fat freezing procedures

“The Coolsculpting procedure felt quite invasive as the doctor marked the areas to be treated with a marker pen, and I had to pose for 360-degree pics showing the area to be treated. I felt a little awkward as the photos were, naturally, very unflattering.  


For EstheCryo, a thorough consultation was given in a private room with a consultant before the treatment to determine my body concerns and which areas are suitable for cryolipolysis treatment.


The Zeltiq Coolsculpting machine has only 1 handpiece. For EstheCryo, there are two handpieces per machine, which means that a bigger surface area or multiple areas (like both sides of my ‘love handles’) can be treated in one session.”

“EstheCryo is definitely a lot more comfortable as the Coolsculpting suction is quite powerful and ‘sucks’ up the fatty area in one go, which can be quite shocking. The suction of the EstheCryo handpieces is gradual, which makes it a lot more comfortable.


Also, I couldn’t relax at all during the Coolculpting session due to the intense cold but I’d napped during the EstheCryo session. Plus, I didn’t feel any downtime at all after the EstheCryo treatment apart from the first 10 minutes, while the little stabbing pains in the treated area post-Coolsculpting took over one week to subside. The area felt sore and swollen, and I had to refrain from wearing tight clothing for a week.”

Did Miss V experience fat loss?

“I was beginning to see some good results from the EstheCryo after only two weeks and got really great results after a month especially around the ‘love handles’. There was some swelling in the area for a week after Coolsculpting, but I could also see some good results after three weeks.”  

The fat freezing verdict

“Having tried both of these fat freezing treatments, I feel quite confident that cryolipolysis really works to shave off inches! And given that EstheCryo is so much more comfortable and ‘pain-free’ compared to Coolsculpting, and that they both have similar results, I would definitely go for EstheCryo. In fact, I find that it’s actually quite addictive!”

With up to 20% to 30% of fat cells permanently eliminated in one EstheCryo session, fitting into those too-snug jeans or body-hugging dress is as effortless as booking an appointment at EstheClinic. What’s more, our fat freezing treatment also helps to tighten loose, wrinkly skin to create a sleeker, slimmer silhouette!

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