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  • How to unveil your skin’s radiance with EstheClinic’s Intense Glow Programme

How to unveil your skin’s radiance with EstheClinic’s Intense Glow Programme

There are many reasons why our skin ages and loose its radiance—sun exposure, blue light exposure from computer screens or cell phones, lack of hydration, our diets, and our lifestyles all play a factor. The more these factors play a role in our lives, the more likely our skin will show signs of aging.


Damage to your skin can appear in many forms: dark spots, freckles, weak elasticity, or sagging, tired, dull, or unhealthy skin are just a few examples. Watching our faces age can be a disheartening feeling, but all is not lost.


Fortunately, there is a non-invasive, long-lasting treatment that will get rid of those age spots and bring your skin back to its true beauty and radiance.


EstheClinic’s Intense Glow Programme uses a combination of LED light therapy and our patented MacPeel IPL technology to brighten and even your skin tone.


Here’s how it works.


LED light therapy: LED photomodulation technology uses light wavelengths that promote cellular activity and boost collagen to the surface of your skin. This cutting-edge treatment also refines pores, brightens your skin, and slows down the aging process.


MacPeel IPL technology: IPL—or intense pulsed light—is a tried-and-true treatment that uses light waves that pulse onto the skin and erase signs of aging, dull skin, and red spots, and it boosts collagen to the surface of your skin. IPL is quick and non-invasive, and it’s been a treatment favorite in the spa industry for decades. We are proud to offer innovate IPL treatment that is pain-free—in other words, no little zaps to your skin.


When you combine these two treatments together, you have a one-two-punch of instant skin improvement. Think of it as a complete face makeover without all the invasive procedures. 


We all have damage to our skin, even when we’ve been super careful about protecting it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to discover the beautiful, radiant skin underneath the damage. Our Intense Glow Programme is great for:


–People on the go who need a quick, painless facial treatment


–People who don’t want to go under the knife


–People who want dramatic results for their skin


–People who want to undo the damage of from lifestyle habits


–People who want to slow down the clock on aging


–People who want to maintain youthful, healthy skin year after year


Truthfully, our Intense Glow Programme is perfect for anyone waning to unveil his skin radiance. If you want a facial treatment that is non-invasive, quick, and proven, this is a great choice for you.


Here are what some of our customers have to say:


“No downtime, no needles, Non-INVASIVE. Just the power of light.”—Karen Ashley Ng @renzze


“Initially I was a bit skeptical to try, but I swear I was so happy with the results. The LED treatment done on me was to help regenerate the skin from inside, to have a more radiant & smoother complexion. My skin felt fresh & bright after the treatment. I’m definitely coming back for more.” –Karishma @karishmajashani


EstheClinic was founded in Paris 20 years ago by Dr. Boutboul and Dr. Leone working alongside respected French laboratory BVA Technology. To this day, EstheClinic continues to develop cutting-edge aesthetic technologies to develop safe, non-surgical treatments with visible results after the first session.

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