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  • Key Insights about Stretch Marks Treatment

Key Insights about Stretch Marks Treatment

After our post last week describing our treatment against stretch marks, you may still be wondering if this is the right treatment for you. We have asked Zann, our Manager at EstheClinic Singapore to share some insights about the stretch marks treatment. Zann has been following carefully many customers treated for stretch marks and has gained a precious knowledge from her experience. Here are some key insights from Zann that you should know:

Insight 1: The prevalence of stretch marks range from 40% to 90% depending on race, age and sex:

Zann: “85% of EstheClinic clients choosing the Stretch Marks Treatment are women and 15% are men. At EstheClinic, we have customers from all ages following the treatment, the youngest being 15 years old and the oldest being 62 years old. Most are between 20 and 40 years old. Most of our clients have Asian skin type. There is a fair mix of Chinese, Malays and Indians and we also have a minority of Caucasian customers.”

→ Analysis: Stretch Mark is a condition widely shared. As said in a previous post, “if you’re human, you have stretch marks”. We all have stretch marks, it’s a reality we should accept. According to your gender, skin type, weight variations and age, you will have a tendency to have more stretch marks than others. Although you can’t make them disappear for good, you can erase their visibility. That’s what EstheClinic treatment against stretch mark is about.

Insight 2: Depending on the severity of their stretch marks, (old or new), age and skin condition, most people will need a minimum of 10-15 sessions

Zann: “Clients choose the “Stretch Marks Treatment” program mostly after pregnancy, puberty and drastic weight gain/loss. Most of customers see noticeable improvements after 5-10 sessions. However all people are different and do not respond to the treatment in the same way. Some will see their results faster and some slower, depending on the number of sessions done”.


→ Analysis: We adapt the stretch mark treatment to each individual condition as people don’t respond to the treatment in the same way. That’s why at EstheClinic we do custom-made treatment to suit the unique need of everyone. Some will need more sessions, some less. The key to optimize the results are for clients to come regularly for treatments.

Insight 3: Many clients are happy to see at least 40-50% improvement on their stretch marks. The key results observed are: lesser color contrast, firmer and tighter skin resulting in stretch marks looking smaller.

Zann: “All will definitely see an overall improvement on the skin texture with a firmer skin, better elasticity, smaller scar marks and a skin visibly renewed thanks to regenerated cells. Also, the colour on the affected area will be more even-toned after several sessions.The results are long-lasting unless they develop new stretch marks along the way (through another pregnancy for example). If needed then, some clients may opt for maintenance sessions.”


→ Analysis: The combination of Thermo-Controlled Radiofrequency and LED Photomodulation helps to soften and flatten the stretch marks. Using the DermaBooster XL micro needling cellular stimulation device and Eladerm cosmeceuticals also help to tone and restore properties and strengthen the beneficial effects of the treatment. Thanks to this unique combo, the cells regenerate, the skin regains its tonicity and the stretch marks gradually fade.

Insight 4: Smaller scars heal better than large ones.

Zann: “Well-informed clients understand that most stretch marks cannot be 100% removed, especially old ones. Someone younger with old stretchmarks can have similar results as someone older but with new stretchmarks. The newer your stretchmarks or the earlier you seek treatment, the better the results.”


→ Analysis: If you want drastic results, seek treatment early. You will have a better chance to erase your stretch marks for good.


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