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  • Looking for pain-free permanent hair removal?

Looking for pain-free permanent hair removal?

Body hair. That bodily nuisance that is time-consuming and difficult to control. Over our lifetimes, we spend thousands of dollars on razors, shaving cream, waxings and more just to keep unsightly body hair at bay.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal by EstheClinic is the cost-effective and permanent answer you’ve been looking for.

At EstheClinic, we offer the exclusive MacPeel’s No Pain System (NPS) which is safer and more comfortable than traditional IPL hair removal treatment. We use a patented technology that combines high average power, low fluency, and high repetition rate to safely and comfortably damage your hair follicles.We offer treatment for underarms, half arms, full arms, lower legs, upper legs, full legs, bikini line, extended bikini, Brazilian bikini, full bikini, and O-line.

Here are 4 reasons why you’ll want to try our award-winning Pain-free IPL Permanent Hair Removal tomorrow:

It’s perfect for all skin types: Unlike many IPL hair removal treatments that use intense energy, our NPS system uses gradual heat. That means if you have darker skin tones, you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin. And, our treatment works well on all hair types as well.

It’s painless: There’s a reason why our IPL hair removal is called No Pain System. Our patented technology is so pain-free, you don’t even need numbing cream. Instead of a sudden zap, our painfree IPL hair removal hand piece is swept over the skin, gradually raising the temperature of the hair follicle and protecting the tissue around it. NPS includes a cooling system to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the treatment.

It’s fast: Our patented technology is twice as fast as traditional IPL hair removal. Depending on the area, treatment can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. Typically, your armpit area takes only 5-10 minutes, while your bikini area can take 15-20 minutes. Legs are typically the longest treatment, but only at 20-30 minutes. In other words, you can get treatment on your lunch break or on your way home from work.

It’s affordable: Our sessions for underarms and bikini line are $90, and we recommend 8-12 sessions, four to six weeks apart, for best results. Just think about how much you’ll safe on razors, shaving cream, and waxings.



If this hasn’t sold you on the revolutionary power of NPS, here’s something else you should know: Our treatment is clinically proven to provide results. Most of our clients see dramatic results in as few as 4/6 treatments. At 8-12 sessions, 80-90% of hair is removed permanently.  


Get bathing suit-ready with our award-winning No Pain System IPL Permanent Hair Removal. Contact us today to book your free consultation. We promise you—our hair removal system is life-changing.



EstheClinic was founded in Paris 20 years ago by Dr. Boutboul and Dr. Leone working alongside respected French laboratory BVA Technology. To this day, EstheClinic continues to develop cutting-edge aesthetic technologies to develop safe, non-surgical treatments with visible results after the first session.

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