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  • What our clients say about the Instant Youth Program

What our clients say about the Instant Youth Program

After our two posts explaining how to make your face look young again with the Instant Youth Anti Aging Program, it’s time to hear the feedback directly from our beloved customers after their treatment. As we think that transparency is key to make the right decisions about your body, here are our customers’ feedbacks, exactly as they are, 100% genuine!

Context of the survey

All the respondents are women and half were still in treatment when we asked them for a feedback while the other half of the respondents had finished the treatment. As you probably remember the treatment protocol follows the following steps:

  • First the combo of Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency and Micro-needling “Le DermaBooster Eladerm” to induce collagen stimulation deep in the skin.
  • Then, the Eladerm CosmeLED Le Sérum in order to help to oxygenate and protect skin cells from free radical attack followed by the LED Photomodulation treatment which gives new firmness and elasticity to the skin and activates the skin’s deep, regenerative mechanisms.
  • Finally, the last step of the protocol with Eladerm CosmeLED La Crème to nourish, protect the skin and help it to continue its regenerative efforts free from distress.
  • Not all respondents pursued the same goal. Some were after a quick Instant Youth Boost and didn’t repeat the treatment after the 3 sessions while others were looking for long term skin aging prevention treatment and repeated the treatment regularly once a week for more than 2 months, with up to 12 sessions completed.

Key Lessons from our customers

Despite the various respondents’ profiles and their different objectives (Instant Youth Boost or Long Term Skin Aging Prevention), here are the key lessons learnt from the survey:

  1. To the question: Why did you choose the “Instant Youth” program from EstheClinic?, 90% of the respondents wanted to tackle: “wrinkles appearing more visibly”, “skin looking tired and dull or losing elasticity and tonicity” as well as “overall skin aging”
  2. All were very satisfied with the treatment’s result with 95% rating the treatment a 4/5 in terms of efficiency with 5 being the highest rate and 100% rating the experience as “enjoyable” (8/10).
  3. In terms of results, 98% of the respondents acknowledged a “smoothening out of fine lines and wrinkles” and for 90% a “visibly firmed and lifted skin”.
  4. The women who chose to repeat the treatment regularly with more than 7 sessions completed, acknowledge “a more refined skin texture”.
  5. In terms of long-term effects of the treatment, 100% of the respondents considered that their face looked younger for 1 to 2 months after each treatment protocol while 30% saw the effects for more than 2 months.
  6. We can observe that the respondents who used the Eladerm products after the treatment (Serum CosmeLED, Creme CosmeLED and Dermabooster) are the same who observed the long-term effects of the Instant Youth Treatment (“for more than 2 months”).
  7. 100% of the respondents would recommend the Instant Youth Treatment to their friends!
  8. We look forward to answering any additional question you may have about the Instant Youth Anti Aging Program.

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