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EstheCryo at EstheClinic

If you’ve heard of fat freezing, you may have also heard that it can be rather painful and costly. EstheClinic’s version, the EstheCyro, improves on the comfort levels by using a groundbreaking technology and suction method that gradually draws up the fatty tissue rather than sucking up the excess fat at one forceful go.


We won’t lie, cryolipolosis is not completely painless as you will feel some discomfort during the treatment when your excess fats are being sucked up and gradually frozen — as well as some soreness post-treatment. However don’t let this mild discomfort deter you, you can do this at lunchtime on areas that will not be exposed such as the tummy and thighs. This is great for areas of the body where there are localised and excess fat deposits, such as the abdomen and even the lower back. For some patients, there can be up to a 20 to 30 per cent reduction in fat cells after two to four months. Our results were not as dramatic, although we did see firmer skin and some reduction in fat. You can repeat this treatment every two months for better results, as some patients need up to three treatments for satisfactory results.


$550 per à la carte session, with packages of six sessions at $2,388 and 10 sessions at $3,480. Available at EstheClinic outlets


For an hour or so after the treatment, there is some numbness around the hips and buttocks, but it’s nothing major to affect movement. After three sessions in as many weeks, I noticed that there was room to move in some of my shorts that had been a little tight. Photos taken at the end of six sessions show smoother skin, less dimpling, and a definite change in the shape of the upper hip area. It’s still not a photo I would post on social media, but I’m going back to the wardrobe now to see which of my old pants may fit me again!
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