Looking for painless hair removal?

Looking for a painless and long-lasting hair removal treatment? With the introduction of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, hair removal became easy. French beauty clinic EstheClinic knows this well, having been in the business for over 20 years. It even developed its own innovative IPL machine, which safely and effectively removes facial and body hair from all types of skin, be it light, tanned or dark. Essentially, the machine uses light and heat to do the job, but without the pain and discomfort. And the hair stays off for a long time, too; in fact, it only takes between six and eight sessions for up to 90 percent of the hair to go completely.


How do we know? Because we tried it! Hear from three Expat Living team members who put EstheClinic‘s IPL machine through its paces.

Fast and effective results

“EstheClinic provides everything you might look for in IPL treatment: safe and sanitary procedures, affordable packages, a flexible booking system and, above all else, results! My initial consultation at the Holland Village branch was thorough yet swift. My therapist highlighted any medical concerns, pinpointed the areas of focus and guided me through the steps.


Opting to get my armpits and bikini area done, I was pleasantly surprised with the first session. Each area took no more than five to ten minutes and was virtually painless. A lathering of cool gel and a few gentle sweeps of the Permanent Pulse machine and, bam, I was out of there – in under 25 minutes! As compared to traditional IPL where high energies are delivered at once, EstheClinic’s patented technology uses a dynamic pulse that gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle. Hence, the treatment is painless. If it wasn’t for the small-scale acrobatics involved in making sure you’re whole bikini area is treated, I could have easily dozed off mid-session.


Despite my suspicion at the ease of it all, sure enough the effects kicked in. Within three to four days after my first session, the hair was falling off with no more than a brush of a sweater. Usually after waxing, my hair often springs back in no more than three weeks; after three of these sessions, however, I’ve noticed an additional couple of weeks of silky smooth skin. What’s more, the regrowth is fair and sparse, leaving me confident that a handful more sessions will provide some permanent results!”

– Leanda Rathmell, Managing Editor

Short, sweet and painless

“To be honest, I was worried about the pain of an IPL treatment and sceptical of the results. But after a series of sessions at EstheClinic, I’m happy to report that I’m now a convert! I love the clinic’s spotless space, central locations and cutting-edge technologies. The IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatment is popular for many reasons; it’s completely painless, effective on all skin types, and works twice as fast as its counterparts.


Apart from bikini waxing and sugaring, I’ve not ventured into hair removal from other parts of my body. I have fine body hair, but I’ve recently noticed the strands on my arms and legs getting more obvious especially since I’m not as tanned as before. So I opted to get my lower arms and legs treated, and I absolutely loved the results. Although six sessions are recommended for full effects, it only took three sessions for me to see some results: slower hair growth, finer hair and smoother skin. The best part? It’s entirely pain-free. I even managed to doze off during a few sessions!


From booking my next appointment to the actual treatment, the whole experience was pleasant. Whichever location I went to, the staff was always warm and friendly, yet still professional. Each treatment took no longer than 30 minutes and no downtime was needed; I could do this between running errands.”

– Anthia Chng, Wine & Dine, and Beauty Editor

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