Zahra Khanum

I’ve been getting my IPL treatments with Estheclinic for my Upper lips as well as my legs. I love my treatments with them as it is completely pain free which is so hard to find anywhere. The service is really impeccable and the staff are so friendly and efficient. They take care of every detail for me and I never have to worry coming for my sessions! I love that I can see major changes just in 6 sessions. It is really lovely that they will have chats with us to customise the number of sessions needed for our personal body and hair growth. Definitely recommend for anyone to come here to enjoy their wonderful services! It’s a 10/10 for me!


Fay Clough

Super pleased with the outcome for both bikini IPL and underarm whitening treatment I did at @estheclinic so far. The staff at Estheclinic are experienced, professional and very thorough. It’s pretty much painless that I’ve even been able to take a quick nap during the treatment. My skin is lot smoother and I hardly need to shave, which means no more skin bumps or ingrown hair. If you regularly shave or wax, think about how much money you will save in the long run to have the hair permanently removed!



Have tried a few services at EstheClinic from facial to IPL Hair Removal, it is like what they said, painless & always a good experience! I always feel happy after an appointment & would recommend others to try out their services too 🙂



Estheclinic has consistently delivered on every treatment I have done with them! Truly painless experience as promised and immediate improvements visible after the end of each session. My face has never been this clear & bright!


Airin Lee

Very professional service team here. The treatments here are very effective. Hair growth has been reduced significantly.



I really like that they always reassign me to the same therapist who remember my preferences.



Pain level? Not at all. Something you should consider if you find waxing painful.


Sheiryn Aisiqa

The convenience of not having to wax or shave ever again! And for the hundredth time I’ll say it, it’s ZERO pain. In fact, it’s just a mistake of a colling and warm sentsation I fall asleep on all of my sessions.



“Great service, the staffs are all very friendly. Hair removal process is very effective and painless! Could already see results after my first few sessions.”


Nicole Liew

The treatment is painless and it slowed my hair growth so much. I truly recommend you girls to give it a short. Totally worth it .



Was a bit shy at first as I was having my hair removal treatment but I was immediately set at ease by the staff’s friendliness.Results are very effective.



I’m doing full leg hair removal with estheclinic and a only after 2 times, I feel my hair is visibly much less.



I have said this plenty of times by really, IPL Permanent Hair Removal at EstheClinic is one of those beauty investment I wished I had done earlier. It took me 6 sessions and solved all my shaving woes since.


Cherri Wong

Excellent ILP service in town so far, the hair removal is very effective and it’s painless as well. Highly recommended! Love the service here.


Riley Sandra

Honestly, not having to shave has been super amazing for me. Thank you EstheClinic team.


Carrine Low

It was great because the staff is really really friendly and sociable. And also the treatment also effective for my skin.


Jordus Lim

The room is clean and has very nice ambience. The treatment is painless and the staffs are very attentive.


Michelle Tan

I went for the hair removal in my legs and underarms, and results have been impressive so far. Would definitely recommend the clinic.


Sharmila Logan

My confidence level is on cloud nine eversince I started my IPL Permanant Hair Removal by @estheclinic and I’m so thankful to them and technology of course that I no longer have to go through painful waxing and the one thing I was extremely concerned about was INGROWNS which I have kissed goodbye since my first session with them! And after just 3 sessions, my hairgrowth has decreased tremendously (some parts of my legs & hands have not experienced a single hairgrowth for the past 2 mths) and not forgetting – BABY SMOOTH SKIN. Literal relief and I am sharing this so more women can try this out and feel the difference for yourself! Head over to my stories and use the swipe up link to take advantage of their current 50% off IPL Permanant hair removal promotion to get started on this journey


Sahur Sart

I’ve been getting IPL on my arms, legs and underarms. Totally painless! I fall asleep on the bed every single time during treatment. Results have been very promising for me to be permanently hair free!! Always a great experience at EstheClinic, couldn’t recommend it more. Excellent staff, atmosphere, location and service


Melissa C Koh

Got my glow on with 4 sessions of the intense glow treatment from EstheClinic. Pain level: 0/10. Glow meter: 10/10. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their complexion and to get their glow instantaneously.


Sharmila Logan

This is my 3rd radiofrequency skin tightening treatment and I’m definitely seeing some improvement… the elasticity of my skin is much better compared to before… thank you EstheClinic for helping me with my loose skin.


Sabrina Marican

Thank you EstheClinic for helping me with my stretch marks! Yes I DO HAVE IT & I’ve been battling with it over years. To all my girls out there, there’s a way to get rid of your insecurities and to make you feel better about yourself


Aggy Low

I’m thankful to have the chance to go through EstheClinic’s LipoSculpt Lipo Laser treatment to help
me get a step closer to achieving my ideal body



Tried the Soothe and Becalm LED photomodulation treatment, it helps to kill acne causing bacteria, regulate and control over active sebaceous glands and provide anti inflammatory & healing effect.


Winter Chee

New found confidence thanks to my underarm IPL treatment at EstheClinic. I am so amazed by the significant reduction in hair and the whole process was painless too. This is definitely a game changer for sure. Bye hair, bye pain! Hello smoother skin!



I needed extra help in keeping my weight down and looking trim. Thanks to EstheCryo guess my beld need a few more holes and great time to get a new wardrobe.



Not a fan of heavy contouring especially if you know you’d be out the entire day? No problem! Achieve a fuss free facelift with zero downtime and longterm visible results!



Before treatment: Dull, dry skin. After: Happy, healthy & glowy skin! And totally fell asleep, it was painless, quick and relaxing.



This EstheCryo fat freezing comes with 2 probes which does 2 desperate body parts at one go, saving you lots of time. It was not painful, infact I fell asleep during the 1hr treatment



Want to have a chok chok (aka dewy & bouncy) skin like you fave kpop star? Go for Estheclinic Intense Glow!



Here are my notes after the intensive antiageing programme: pore minimized, see slight lifting, makeup adheres better, face slimmer



Initially I was a bit skeptical to try, but I swear I was so happy with the results. The LED treatment done on me was to help regenerate the skin from inside, to have a more radiant & smoother complexion. My skin felt fresh & bright after the treatment. I’m definitely coming back for more


Jessica Loh

Just freaken amazed that a 15 min painless IPL session can give me visibly smaller pores, smoother skin, increased radiance and slightly lightened ma acne scarring!!


Janice Yip

I’m unveiling my new look more youthful skin coupled with a defined loooking, V shaped jaw line! This is the ultimate treatment for a fuss free facelift with no downtime and visible results!



With my 3rd session of Intensive Body Perfcetion treatment, I’m already starting to see a reduction in cellulite, firmer and smoother skin with visible difference in my body shape.


Faye W

Three weeks ago, before my vacation I went for EstheCryo pain free Fat freezing treatment on my tummy! My tummy already looks flatter after three weeks now!


Dylan Chan

Staying youthful just got easier with EstheClinic and this collagen boosting, skin tightening, facial treatment programme.


Dawn Yang

I love the feeling of being smooth all over. And saying bye to waxing and shaving. I’m almost completely hair free thanks to full body hair removal treatments.


Charlene Su

I love Estheclinic because I get IMMEDIATE results. The cleared all my period acne with no downtime(?!) & my skin is GLOWING.


Aggy Low

Regenerate skin from the inside to reveal a smoother, more lustrous and radiant skin-just in time for CNY celebrations! Thank you EstheClinic for gorgeous glowy radiant skin to prep me for CNY


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