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  • 12 celebrity beauty tips to add to your routine

12 celebrity beauty tips to add to your routine

We see their beautiful faces every day on billboards, on buses passing by, on social media and on the TV. The spotlight is constantly on them, putting celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Charlize Theron and Jessica Jung under pressure to look their best 24/7. With HD technology giving paparazzi the ability to really zoom up into the pores on their faces, there is no hiding! It’s no surprise that these women have perfected their beauty routines so they are ready to go for all eventualities.


Some celebrities have simply taught themselves skincare and makeup tricks over time – for example, Rihanna admits that when she put on weight, she quickly took up contouring – but many of them have simply picked up their tips from the professional makeup artists who prep them for work and events. No matter where they get their skills from, we could all learn some valuable beauty tips and tricks from these A-listers.


That’s why we’ve pulled together 12 beauty hacks from some of our favourite actresses, singers, businesswomen and supermodels to create the ultimate guide to celebrity beauty. Enjoy!

Celebrity skin care and makeup secrets revealed!

Businesswoman, Kendall Jenner

Says not to be afraid to experiment with your products as she often doubles up her bronzer as a warm eyeshadow. We agree that having fun with your makeup is the best way to get inspired. Maybe your lipstick can also act as a blusher? We know your concealer can definitely work as an eyeshadow primer! Not only are your products working harder for you, but it means less to carry on a night out!

Actress, Halle Berry

Says that to get that MLBB (My Lips But Better) look she puts on a rouge lipstick, blots it off and then applies a clear gloss on top. It sounds like a waste of good lipstick, but Halle knows what she’s doing. The MLBB trend is a really popular look now with people moving away from heavy contouring towards a more natural look.

Supermodel, Doutzen Kroes

Says when you’re applying moisturiser you can reduce puffiness by massaging fluid out to the edges of your face. She also says that now that she’s hit her mid-30s she’s going to oomph up her number of regular facial treatments to keep those fine lines at bay. Preventative skin care is always the best policy, and Doutzen has that covered.

K-pop singer, Tiffany Young

Says the best way to apply blusher is to create a gradient effect, having the most colour at the centre and fading out from there to create a natural-looking flush. This creates that adorable “pinched” effect that is so popular in Korean beauty.

Actress, Sarah Jessica Parker

Says she sprays her clothes with perfume while they’re still in the closet. No surprises that this iconic Sex and the City actress would remember to extend a little beauty care to her clothes. In a recent blog, we talked about the magnetic effect of having a signature scent, so we love this tip!

Singer, Beyoncé

Says if you’re feeling and looking tired, a clever trick is to put a bright colour eyeshadow, like gold, at the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop. Dramatic eyeshadow is very on trend for 2019 which means now is the time to buy that highly saturated shade you’ve been eyeing but too scared to try!

Actress, Charlize Theron

Says she regularly changes up her skin care routine so that products are effective. You should always have a skincare regime that suits your particular skin type. However, some products, especially those with active ingredients, can become less effective over time because your skin grows accustomed to them. So making small incremental changes over time makes sense.

Singer, Rihanna

Says there’s nothing worse than an oily shine so if your powder doesn’t fit in your purse then you need to buy a new purse! Rihanna makes a good point. Just because you perfected your makeup in the morning doesn’t mean it’s going to last all day long. A small bit of maintenance can make your look last longer so make sure to pack those essentials.

K-pop singer, Jessica Jung

Says if you’re travelling by plane then spray that hydrating mist EVERYWHERE! Planes are the worst place for your skin because the humidity levels are very low which causes the skin to dry out. This may sound like a nice break from Singapore’s typically humid weather, but really it’s just as bad!

Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray

Says if you want to freshen up but don’t have access to a sink, micellar water is your friend! Washing your face with water from the tap can be tough on your delicate facial skin, but micellar water is much gentler, and some brands even have added active ingredients.

Actress, Eva Mendes

Says to deep condition your hair overnight in a shower cap for luxurious locks. This is such an effective use of time! Having beautiful skin, unfortunately, does not make your hair look any better if you’re not taking care of it so don’t forget to spread the love to all parts of your body.

Supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski

Says to apply foundation with your hands because it blends easier into the skin than with a brush. Obviously, make sure to wash those hands before they touch your face! But yes, massaging foundation into your face can help it look it’s best while also pampering your skin with a mini DIY facial.

Let’s not forget that celebrities invest in regular facial treatments and body treatments. You can do just the same at EstheClinic! Check out our treatments and find one tailored to your specific needs from acne treatments to skin brightening to cellulite removal to hair removal. If you’re not sure what you need don’t worry, we can discuss it at your free consultation.

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