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  • 5 ways to rock the oh-so-chic French girl look

5 ways to rock the oh-so-chic French girl look

Do you remember where you were when you saw your first French girl? Was it watching Amélie over a bucket of popcorn or when you discovered Coco Chanel couture? Maybe you met a real live French girl! Or perhaps she just had the look and it was actually an American fashionista pulling off French girl style exceptionally well. After all, the French girl look has a life of its own that exists far beyond pretty Parisians cycling along the Seine in fetching floral dresses.


Today, French girl style is a fashion statement and a lifestyle philosophy that is admired the world over. It has been copied, reinvented, carefully guarded and boldly championed by women of all ages, from all backgrounds. It is also a nostalgic reminder of home for EstheClinic and we love knowing that France is cherished in the hearts of so many fabulous women. We thought we would dedicate this blog to sharing 5 ways to rock French girl style for anyone who wants to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to their life.

Any fashionista can be a French girl with these tips

1. Master the effortlessly chic look

We’re going to tell you un petit secret – French girl style may look effortless, but this is an illusion! With her tossed hair, perfect body shape and seemingly natural good looks, it’s easy to believe that the only way you can achieve true French girl style by inheriting the genes of Caroline de Maigret or Léa Seydoux. But this is not the case! Don’t believe us? Well, consider this, if French women love wine, cheese and baguettes so much then how come they don’t suffer from double chins and love handles? It is because French girls use the same hair care, skin care and body treatments as anyone else who wants to look their best. They just make sure to hide all the evidence!

2. Think minimalism; think Coco Chanel

In our last blog, “Destress and declutter with our spring cleaning checklist!”, we mentioned the capsule wardrobe and how it perfectly fits in with French girl style. The idea behind the capsule wardrobe is to have a limited number of clothes because everything in life should be about quality, not quantity and this includes what’s on your clothes rack. Classic French style is simple and sophisticated, which are characteristics that last through the ages. Therefore, to pull off the French girl look you need to invest in style, not trends. Take Coco Chanel’s tailoring from the 1920s as an example. You’ll find her designs are just as stunning today. In fact, she is credited with inventing the famous little black dress which we can’t imagine ever living without!

3. “Draw me like one of your French girls”

When Rose uttered these words to Jack in that famous Titanic scene, we all knew she wanted him to paint her nude because of the contents of his sketchbook! However, this link between being au naturel and the French doesn’t end at life drawing. In fact, when it comes to applying makeup, French girls prefer the natural look. By improving the evenness of your skin tone and minimising blemishes with regular facial treatments and carefully chosen skin care products, you can reduce the amount of makeup you need to use. Find a foundation that best matches your natural skin tone and use it sparingly. Soft peaches and pinks can give the skin a natural looking flush and use the lightest touch when applying makeup to your eyes and lips. Once you can snap a selfie and confidently say “I just woke up like this” then you know you’re rocking the French girl look!

4. Confidence is everything

Half of the secret to French girl style is confidence. You never catch these women shying away in the corner. That is because, to put it simply, confidence is sexy! This means no more slouching and no shuffling your feet. Instead, stand tall and with purpose. Posture is everything! If you have a mole on your cheek or a gap between your two front teeth, be proud and treat it as though it is a defining characteristic of your own signature style. If you think this sounds too extreme, just look at models such as Georgia May Jagger or Cindy Crawford. This is where French girl style becomes more than just a fashion statement – it’s a philosophy for life.

5. Speaking of signature style, have a signature scent!

French-American author, Mireille Guiliano, claims “French women know one can go far with a great haircut, a bottle of champagne and a divine perfume” and who would disagree with her, all these things sound amazing! But we especially want to talk about magical abilities of perfume. Have you ever been going about your day and then suddenly you are thrown back in time because you caught a distinctive aroma in the air? The mysterious powers of scent cannot be underestimated and, if anything, they should be harnessed. Now you can be forever embedded in the deep memories of friends, family and lovers simply by defining your own signature scent. We suggest visiting a traditional French perfumer, partly for their expert advice but mostly for that added sense of glamour!

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